Historical Materialism

Historical Materialism is possibly the most essential component of Marxist theory. It is, to put it simply, the lens through which Marxists analyze history and the development of human society. Before Marx and Engels, history was seen as a series of random events which were not the guided by any general laws- history was regarded […]

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Against “Socialism In One Country”

Internationalism is a fundamental cornerstone of Marxism. However, it is a cornerstone which has been perverted and done away with by many contemporary Marxists- most prominently, Marxist-Leninists and Marxist-Leninist-Maoists. So, what is the principle and why is it fundamental? Why is it to the detriment of the objective goals of the Marxist movement that so […]

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Towards A Dialectical Centralism

Marxism, in simple terms, is the science of the liberation of the proletariat. It then follows naturally that one of the key questions which this field of analysis grapples with is how to do that. At the heart of this question is the need for a revolutionary party. As Italian left communist theorist Amadeo Bordiga […]

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Dialectical Materialism

When I was learning the basics of Marxism, maybe the hardest concept to understand was dialectical materialism. I read several articles and watched many videos but there seems to be a pretty big lack in coherent, complete explanations of dialectical materialism: providing such an explanation will be the purpose of this essay: so, what is […]

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